For Immediate Release: In Memory of Betty McManus, Acton-Boxborough United Way announces a grant to the Doli Atamian Campership Fund

Acton-Boxborough United Way (AB United Way) announces a $3,000 grant to Doli Atamian Campership Fund in memory of Betty McManus who passed in June 2017.  Betty served as President of the Doli Atamian Campership Fund for over 20 years. The Fund supports positive summer camp experiences for families struggling economically.

"Betty was a committed and talented community leader who understood that, for many families, summer camp, swim lessons, driver's education are not a given. Many families can not afford these experiences and AB United Way is proud to support programming that makes it possible," said Laura Kaye, Chair of Grants and AB United Way Board member.

The AB United Way Community Needs Assessment identified economic vulnerability as an issue for many residents. Over 20% of households in Acton and Boxborough earn less than $50,000 a year. Poverty rates are highest among single mothers. seniors, and young women. See for complete report and summary.

 "It was always a pleasure and an honor to work with Betty with her long history of professional and volunteer community service. She was part of our Community Needs Assessment, attended community forums, presented at grant interviews, and so much more," added Rachel Sagan, AB United Way Executive Director.